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Landscape Maintenance
Autumn Landscape
Hedge Pruning
Boxwood Pruning
Richmond Landscape Maintenance
Richmond Landscape Maintenance
Mulching services

Earth Conscious Garden Maintenance


Pruning and Deadheading

Our experienced team knows proper pruning techniques and appropriate pruning times. We can provide a calendar specific to your garden's needs. Hedge and hand trimmers are battery-powered.


Leaf Clean-up

We blow leaves from yard and garden beds to natural areas on your property, or can haul them to our local farm for composting.


Organic Amendments

We offer an all-natural, chemical-free fertilizer program that includes our house-made compost tea and worm tea for controlling pests and eliminating diseases before they start.


Weed Control

We offer hand pulling of weeds in and around garden beds. Large areas and hard surfaces such as driveways and patios are treated with horticultural-strength acetic acid (vinegar), a natural alternative to chemical herbicides.



Mulch is sourced locally and we apply to garden beds by hand. Applying in early to mid-winter helps protect roots during cold weather and retains moisture during dry periods - reducing your need to water.


Monthly or Seasonal

Our monthly program means we take the worry out of garden care. We will visit once, twice or more each month to ensure everything is properly tended. We also offer seasonal and specialized visits! (subject to availability)

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