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Richmond Landscape Installation
Shrub Installation
Landscape Installation
Installing Landscape Plantings



Design & Guidance

We recommend going native for best results in your gardens. We're familiar with plants suitable to Richmond's climate and can make recommendations based on a review of your site.


Sod & Seed

Area preparation, delivery and installation of sod is available in cooler months. All sod is harvested to order. We recommend fall installation for turf type tall fescue.


Gravel & Walkways

We lay stone walkways and spread gravel & stone in new or existing areas. Delivery available.


Delivery & Installation

We can source plant material or you can pick out what you want from your local nursery. Fall installations are recommended for best results.


Mulch & Compost

Choose from regular or dyed hardwood, fine pine, pine straw, or organic compost. Top dressing beds in winter will help regulate root temperature and retain moisture. 

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