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Richmond Landscape Installation

Installation Guidelines



Please provide plenty of notice for installations and transplantations. With advance notice, we should be able to incorporate simple installations into our schedule without issue. This means:

  • We'll be able to install or transplant items that are pre-scheduled only. If you pick up plants from the nursery, contact our office to arrange for installation service, which could take up to 2 - 3 weeks to accommodate depending on our current schedule. Unfortunately we will not be able to perform unplanned digging upon arrival when visiting for other services.

  • The law requires that Miss Utility visit your property to mark utility lines prior to breaking ground. This can take up to two weeks. You may schedule Miss Utility or we can, but please allow the additional time for lines to be marked.

  • Due to limitations with pick up and transport of plants, we will have a size limit for plant material: shrubs and perennials up to 10 gallon size and trees up to 1.5" caliper. 

  • We are limited to small projects - a few plants at a time. For large-scale installations, complete garden renovations, or big items (over 10 gal size), we must defer to others. 


Timing & Best Practices

Putting plants in the ground out of season or repeatedly transplanting otherwise healthy plants often leads to poor outcomes. To ensure the best outcome for your plants:

  • We'll provide installations during optimal planting time only: September 15 - May 15. This avoids issues with heat, sun, and drought during summer. Remember: Fall is for planting!

  • Installation will automatically include amending the soil with compost and/or organic fertilizer and covering with mulch. These additional materials will be included on your invoice. 

  • Newly planted or transplanted material will need hand watering (not irrigation) for the first few months to ensure success. Do not schedule an installation if you'll be unable to water or arrange for someone to do so!


Installation Cost

As a fully licensed and insured garden maintenance company, we pay a high premium to stay insured when doing business. That premium increases significantly for installation services. Additionally, scheduling one-time installations disrupts our schedule, often resulting in lost time. To solve this issue:


  • Your monthly invoice will show separate line items for garden maintenance and installation. This allows us to report installation labor to our insurance provider, which is calculated at a higher premium.

  • Installation services will carry a $10 hourly surcharge in addition to our regular garden maintenance rate.


Thank you for your understanding!

Terra Firma Landscaping now offers limited installation services to existing customers. Please review the guidelines below and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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