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Garden Maintenance Manager

(Level II - Full Time Leader)


Job Description

Unique opportunity for an earth-conscious, industrious, and knowledgeable horticulture specialist with experience leading a team and managing a maintenance schedule. Coursework or degree in a horticulture-related field needed. This hands-on position will work with a team that cares for the established gardens of our high-end residential clients. 

- Garden Maintenance -

Our gardening services portfolio focuses on the meticulous, earth-friendly upkeep of gardens: pruning, weeding, deadheading, cutting back, and general clean-up. Seasonally we provide leaf clean-up and mulch installation. We offer limited grass cutting. No back-breaking installations or dangerous chemicals. Shop located near Willow Lawn with all clients within city limits.

Ideal candidate will possess a keen knowledge of horticultural principles; be able to identify zone 7A plants; know proper pruning techniques; and diagnose & treat plant issues with a sensitivity to the looming environmental crisis.

In addition to garden care, this individual will have the opportunity to assist with and grow our other divisions:

Food waste collector
worm castings
Farmer with chickens

- Compostables Diversion -

RVA Recycling is a unique local compostables collection initiative serving the Fan and surrounding. Several days a month, you'll help direct the program, collecting area compostables (food waste) while delivering compost, eggs and other earth-conscious goods to subscribers.

- Compost Production and Delivery -

Interested in compost? Terra Firma Compost Company is a premier local hand-crafter of plant-based compost and worm castings, and one of our up-and-coming divisions. We deliver our compost and compost blends throughout the city and ship anywhere in-state. If interested, get your hands dirty at our Montpelier location: turning compost, tending to our worm farm, or processing food waste. 

- Organic Farm -

Terra Firma Organic Farm is a fledgling small farm still finding its footing. We currently grow herbs, cut flowers, cannabis, and more. We sell live and dried herbs with an onsite building dedicated to drying and processing. We care for 100+ free range hens and deliver eggs locally. We welcome your insight and enthusiasm to help us grow!

Primary Responsibilities

  • Meticulous maintenance of annuals, perennials, and shrubs

  • Proper pruning, plucking and cutting back at the appropriate times

  • Hand weeding

  • Application of organic fertilizers

  • All natural integrated pest management

  • Winter mulch installation

  • General clean-up and blowing off

  • Competent operation of battery and gas-powered mowers, line trimmers, backpack blowers and other equipment as needed

  • Completing compostables pick-up routes; familiarity with and deft navigation of the Fan a plus


Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of plants and a thorough understanding of horticultural practices and procedures 

  • Ability to identify and problem solve issues in the garden

  • Ability to work with and direct a team of two or three

  • An understanding of our expectations in order to complete jobs without supervision

  • Acute attention to detail

  • Ability to read, comprehend, and execute multiple, sometimes complex directives

  • Clear communication and articulation skills with the ability to interact directly with clients onsite

  • Capable of driving a truck with attached trailer

  • Willingness to learn new skills and the initiative to ascend to the top of our team


Physical Demands / Working Conditions

  • Must be able to bend, squat, kneel, stand, walk long distances, hoist, and occasionally navigate steep stairs

  • Must be able to work outside in various weather conditions

  • Must have the ability to lift and pull 50 pounds regularly


Education and Experience


  • 3 years experience as a professional gardener or groundskeeper (5 years preferred)

  • 1 year experience leading/managing a team (2 years preferred)

  • An associate's degree in a horticulture-related field, or working towards obtaining one

  • Virginia Pesticide Applicator’s License, or ability to obtain one

  • Driver's license and good driving record


  • Certified Horticulturist Certificate

  • Knowledge of basic composting principles

  • Ability to operate a small tractor



  • Paid holidays

  • Accrued vacation - up to 120 hours per year

  • Generous and timely cash bonuses

  • Farm rewards: fruits, veggies, flowers, eggs and "more"


  • Monday - Friday

  • No evenings or weekends

  • Flexible scheduling can accommodate students


$18 - $20 per hour starting, with room to grow

To inquire

Please forward your resume or detailed job history to our hiring manager for review. If you're a fit, we'll be in touch!

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